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    After a brief period of activity Vimarsh has been again more or less silent. A brief look at statistics show that out of the top ten posters there has been a steady decline in posts since August, 2008. Ramanand’s last post was on the 14th of November, Debadityo on 12th November, Govind on 17th of June and although Raghu’s last post was recent (on 23rd December), he has largely been absent from around July. Lakshy and Pratibha have also been posting only sporadically. Initially I noticed some interest in students for quizzes but that too is declining, except for biology and chemistry that seem to be still somewhat popular. From past experience it seems that a few posters can keep the tempo up but that has not happened lately. My own interest started declining around the time the software started misbehaving. For a while I was facing problems in keeping tab on the new posts. Since then similar problems have been reported by others as well. I wonder if we can understand the lack of interest in Vimarsh through this poll but there is no harm in trying Smile

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    i wanted to vote for 1st and last options.
    but because i can cast only 1 vote , therefore, i hav chosen d last one for the reason that it is more responsible for decline in my posts.

    i like answering questions and discussing ny topic.
    sometimes i do post question also, but that is rare,
    i posted one topic for discussion in biological forum (which has been transferred to internet links) titled “spandrels and Dr. Pangloss…..”
    but it didn’t receive ny reply may be because one has to read that paper.
    yes definitely it is not very possible for UGs to read papers, but that one was a classic and not very difficult to understand.
    and after that i didn’t see ny more new topic where i can say somthing.
    i must also add that i hav been visiting vimarsh almost daily.

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    No excuses from my side except that I was and am still really busy with work. I go thru the site almost everyday but …..
    College exams, workshops, pending jobs, course completion and XII borads of my son….are really keeping me too busy to think of posting new things on the site.

Viewing 3 posts - 1 through 3 (of 3 total)

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