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    Today in our college department, we met to discus the proposed semester sytem, that the VC has recommended for the colleges. It says that we should start the system(which includes credit system) in colleges as we are not in sync with rest of the world Very Happy
    But i have have following points:
    1) Such a credit and semester system is possible only in institutes like iit’s where the body is autonomous. Whoever teaches the course, sets the paper and does the evaluation. Do you think such a system is possible in du with almost 20 science colleges and nearly 70 arts colleges.
    2) will we be able to maintain the uniformity in our system
    3) The course will require a major restructuring ( But not like BSc. Prog Please Wink
    I think college teachers need to take a stand for this proposed modification
    Also to be in sync with the world i feel it is the examination level which requires a second thought



    A very interesting post indeed! It prompted me to think that there is perhaps scope for yet another subforum that may be entitled Diary, wherein members can enter some experience in colleges departments etc which they feel they want to share with other members.



    Yes, indeed very interesting. In my opinion the real culprit is the mammoth size of DU. To be really effective, as Geetanjali rightly points out, the teacher and the college have to be granted some autonomy, so that the teacher/college is responsible for the education she imparts. Right now no one is really accountable, all lapses get overshadowed in the limitations of the huge system. Teachers are scared of autonomy for colleges, because they fear they may then be at the mercy of the college administration. But at the same time they continue to be very little accountable for the job for which they are appointed. At the most they just have to register their attendance. Often they lack confidence in their skill to communicate or their willingness to give their best to the societry.

    I am reminded of a debate that took place here itself a couple of months back, in which several teacher members including Geetanjai participated. What emerged from this debate was the fact that teachers are often found wanting in the colleges. Much needs to be done, to give confidence to teachers to do their best or face the consequences; A carrot and stick policy .

    The situation is much like we are witnessing in the country itself, regarding developmant vis a vis the various players in the system.

Viewing 3 posts - 1 through 3 (of 3 total)

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