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    It all began just a few years after CSEC was established. It was felt that although many colleges hold annual contests related to science, there is no competetion organized by the University where students from different colleges can compete with each other in a manner most scientific.

    Thus Science Quest, an annual contest that has become very popular among the university science community was born. Although set in a quiz format this contest is unique in that it is intensely serious and rigorous. It tests a variety of skills like problem solving, presenting and defending view points.

    The Science Quest competetion, at present, comprises of three rounds.

    1. A preliminary round, in which student teams from all colleges of DU who evince an interest in participating compete with each other through a written quiz and an interactive round in which they pose questions to other teams and each other team tries to answer it.
    2. An exposition round in which only six college teams that have qualified through the preliminary round participate. In this round each team prepares a brief presentation on a topic of their choice. The presentations are judged by a team of faculty members.
    3. In the final round the teams that have qualified through the preliminary round, try to solve problems within a time frame. Each team faces one question in each subject, chemistry, physics and life sciences. The answers are contested by the other teams. Exactly the same process is repeated with questions related to concepts in the three subjects.
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