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    Vimarsh is an initiative of Center for Science Education and Communication, University of Delhi to encourage and enhance communication among the members of the science community of the university. Any member of the science community of DU, a student or a teacher, can participate in this forum. So, if you are a student or a faculty member of science anywhere in the University, please do register, login and introduce your self. Even, if you are presently not a student or teacher but had been, you are welcome to register.

    The primary purpose of this forum is to address to the doubts of students about science which often remain unattended in their immediate vicinity. The administrators and moderators of this forum, who belong to faculty community of the University undertake to answer each and every valid question that is posed by a student on this forum. Vimarsh will also act as a newsletter for its members. The members can post and read the latest news. Besides all these, Vimarsh offers an opportunity to air your opinions related to the science education in the University.



    It’s almost four months that I posted the above post. During this period I have realized a few things.

    First of all I have realized that most people are shy to write. post or ask a question publicly. Perhaps, they don’t like to make their ignorance or writing skills public. Just as Arno Penzia pointed in his article Ideas.

    I have some evidence in support of my opinion. If someone were to count the number of various posts and considers that number in conjugation with the number of visits and the time people have spent on each visit, it is clear that a lot more people have been visiting the forum from various locations and at different times of the day. Any one can verify these numbers by clicking on the sitemeter at the lower left corner of the board. Mind you the number of the visits on the sitemeter does not really reflects the true number, which should be much more (this is so because many visits are not counted because the service provider or the software settings of the browser do not encourage it. For a short while even the administration of DUCC, disabled this service so many visits from the university network were not counted.

    We were planning to give demonstrations in various constituent colleges and Science Departments, so as to appraise the community members about the forum. But, unfortunately because of various factors, prolonged workers strike, examinations and hardware problems we could not do so. Perhaps in the begining of next session, when it will be possible, we shall have many more members posting on the forum.

    In the meanwhile I would like to thank all members who have contributed to our limited success.



    csec played an important role in motivating me to pursue science. i still remember when i was one of the finalist of Quest 2005-06 representing hindu college, i got to see some exciting side of science.few days back i came to know about vimarsh which is another great platform yo bring like minded people.KUDOS……

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