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    A suggestion:

    Can we have a ‘draft-saving’ feature at Vimarsh, as it is there currently on Gmail & MS Word, where the ‘draft’ one is currently working upon is automatically saved after every 2 minutes

    It certainly would help a lot, as the members then won’t have to waste their time first preparing the post in MS Word & then copying & pasting it on Vimarsh!

    I thought about it just recently, when I lost my data( third time on the trot in 3 days Exclamation ) ready for posting due to the modem-failure.

    It has become quitea regular feature nowadays, as it negates out the possibility of any data-loss and the hassles/worries asociated with it


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    I have recently installed Ubuntu 8.10 OS on my PC in place of Windows NT, and have discovered that in this OS even if power goes off, in between posting, you can still recover the post in progress.

    In addition it has an automatic spell check feature!

    So, if someone desires to save drafts or protect against losing posts while posting, i would unhesitatingly recommend Ubuntu

Viewing 2 posts - 1 through 2 (of 2 total)

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