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    Recently while browsing through the book ” General Physical Chemistry- Part II, authored by Dr. P.S. Sindhu and published by M/s Khosla Publishing House” I read the following information that many students may find useful

    P.S. Sindhu wrote:
    Using the internet can make it easier to look for work
    The Internet can play a useful part in your job search. You can search thousands of listings locally and abroad-and it only takes a few minutes. Many sites offer useful tools to help you lind the best job. You can read up on the industry news, get advice on how to apply for a job successfully and test out your suitability for different careers. Some sites also allow you to design your resume on-line their templates. You can even store your resume on the site for prospective employers to view and consider.
    On-line listings : Companies’ advertise vacancies on their own sites, as well as at job listings pages. Register your job preferences with an employment site and they’ll e-mail you details of the vacancies as they arise. ‘
    Applications: Recruitment sites are full of advice on interview etiquette, ‘and offer guidelines on how to write a good cover letter and resume. Several career sites, such as ( you post your resume and a short profile on their site. Potential employers can read through the profile on their site. Potential employers can read through the profiles and ask to see your resume. You can then choose whether or. not you want them to see it. ‘
    Aptitude Tests: The Internet can help you to decide which career best suits your talents and personality. With on-line aptitude tests you can find out your personality type and preferred working environment. Tests such as these are especially useful if you are considering a change of career:
    . Applying for Jobs:
    � Set yourself a weekly target, such as sending out five applications
    � Try to tailor your letter and resume for each application, making your skills seem as relevant as possible.
    � Check your letter and resume for mistakes. Many applications are put straigh into the bin for this reason
    � Write to companies even if they have not advertised a job. If it arrives at the right time, your speculative approach may succeed.
    � Adopt a personal approach. Call the company and ask for the name of the head df the department that interests you, or the Human Resources manager…



    Interesting indeed! I was a bit curious to know which websites offers employment opportunity info for chemistry graduates (as Dr. Sindhu is a chemist and wrote a book on Physical Chemistry). I therefore explored the website mentioned; and believe me most of the jobs on the websites whether in Delhi or elsewhere are for IT students, not plain simple science graduates

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